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Heavy Support is a Resistance is Futile 3 supplement containing lots of extra rules and ideas.

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Featured in the Heavy Support supplement:

Cynical troops; Stealth; Bombers; Mutants; Giant robots; Drones; Faulty weaponry; Electronic Counter Measures; Invisibility cloaking systems; Counter-battery fire; Chemical & Biological weapon shells; Mind control; Hallucination control; Propaganda; Negotiation; Trackers; Female soldiers; Medical field facilities; Civilians & Refugees; Dangerous animals; Neutral militias; Non-dangerous animals; Space to planet drop; Movement sensors; Minefields; Barbed wire; Tank traps; Booby traps; Poisonous plants; Unsafe buildings; Unstable spaceship decks; Hidden tunnels; Zero-gravity combat; Night fighting; Rainstorms; Sandstorms; Snow blizzards; Strong head winds; Electrical & Ion storms; Thin ice.

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