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Ideal for 28mm or 15mm scale miniatures (so you can use 40k armies with these if you like), the rules cover heroes, vehicles, individuals and units, handle armoured vehicles, gunships, power armour, aliens, humanoids, bugs, robots…


A player shoots and/or moves a unitl, then rolls to see if he can activate another that round, and so on until a die roll fails, then the other player has a round. The chance of getting units to respond depends on motivation and communications... but it a case of shoot first, then move, then combat.

Morale includes going prone as a voluntary action against incoming fire to reduce risk of, erm, death. All units start to test once a certain level of casualties has been sustained by your army. Level of losses at which you test is worse for militia-type units, better for regulars and much better for special forces.

A points system is included in the rules, as well as ideas for linking games, deployment, and scouting.

Shooting rules for overwatch/aimed fire are included, and within certain limits you get to shoot before they close combat (unless you've been surprised, that sort of thing). The way the game flows means opportunity fire happens, as does the  more realistic option of having to shoot and then move.

RIF isn't complicated but allow variety of play and decision making, not getting bogged down in game mechanics. Play is fluid because each player doesn't have to wait long before they get to do something. A background setting is included as an example. The only dice needed are six-sided and no templates are used, just a trusty tape measure.

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ALSO AVAILABLE Heavy Support is a Resistance is Futile 3 supplement containing lots of extra rules and ideas.


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